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The 2021 multi award winning range of Al-Ko ride on lawn tractors are simply the best machines on sale today bar none. To keep it simple here is why…


1. Every machine is built in the Al-Ko factory in Austria. Nothing outsourced.

2. They are simply tremendous in damp wet grass. It’s wet in Austria, and it just works well in our grass conditions in N.I.

3. Even the smallest 36″ machine can come with a 656cc twin cylinder Briggs and Stratton engine. V-twin is quieter, more torque, has a proper oil filter and pump and is just a lovely engine to work with. Just switch the blades on to experience the difference.

4. All Al-Ko tractors come with a proper factory 5 year warranty.

5. No Al-Ko tractor (bar the 49″) uses a timing belt between the blades. The offset deck is more robust/reliable/cheaper to service.

6. Look up reviews. The Al-ko tractor beat the big names from viking/countax/kubota/honda/cub cadet in the Telegraph tractor review and went on to win ‘testers choice’ award and Which? best buy.

7. They all come with a hydrostatic/automatic gear box/solid front axels/comfort seats etc etc.

8. They look fantastic in the red/black combo colours.

9. The new t16 103 has the tightest turning circle on the market.

Prices as follows and include vat and delivery.

Al-ko R7 65 £1399 or £1649 with hydro and a bigger engine.

Al-ko T15 93 36″ hydro £2099.

Al-ko T16 93 hydro 36″ £2699. (Similar to the t15 but with a 656cc v twin cylinder briggs engine and led lights)

Al-ko T15 103 hydro 40″ £2499.

Al-ko T16 103 hydro 40″ £2899. (Similar to the T15 103 but 656cc v-twin and hydraulic lifters on the box and led lights)

Al-ko T16 105 hd hydro 42″ £3199 (42″ deck, bigger more commercial chassis.)

Al-Ko T20 105 hde hydro 42″ £3899 (42″ deck, add’s electric tip, 23″ back wheels, cast axels and more power)

Al-Ko T20 (same as above with standard tip box) £3599.

Al-Ko T23 125 hd hydro 49″ £4299 (49″ deck and 724cc v twin)

Al-Ko T15 93 hds mulch only machine. Suitable for paddocks on side mode or formal lawns on mulch. £2199.

Finance available on any machine over £250.


Ride on lawnmower buying advice


Do I need a ride on lawnmower?


There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some people enjoy the exercise of using a walk behind mower for 2 acres. For the rest of us they can make life a lot easier. We will happily do a site visit for more complex gardens should you require more individual advice.


What size of mower do I need?


This comes down to a few factors, mainly the size of your garden, cost and manoeuvrability. Some people may have 3 acres but have a 3 foot gap they may need to pass through. In general the most popular sizes are 36-42″ 36″ is rated up to 1.5 acres and 42″ is rated to 3 acres, we do however offer bigger and smaller options.


What brand should I buy?


Having worked with many brands over the years we have settled with Alko for the reasons listed above. The company is family owned and  committed to building a superb quality product at affordable prices, and they work brilliantly in our  damp conditions.


What is mulching?


Mulching is when the grass is held in the deck and chopped up finely and fed back into the grass where it rapidly decomposes and provides nutrition to the lawn. Mulching is brilliant in the right conditions but it is recommended if your mulching you cut the grass 3 times a fortnight or you can risk unsightly lumps of wet grass. Alko tractors up to the t16-103 offer a mulching kit for £99, and the t16-105 up comes with it standard. We also offer mulching only machines in the form of Ariens zero turns which tend to mulch better since they’re designed to do only that.


Can I buy accessories?


Yes we offer a range of accessories from trailers to scarifiers, lawn rakes and fertiliser sowers. Just remember your ride on is belt driven and won’t pull a car trailer.


What can go wrong with my ride on?


They are like a car, generally very reliable if looked after. Our most common problems would include flat batteries after 5 months of inactivity, dead petrol after the same, flat wheels and the odd broken belt. Solutions the this include starting your machine once every 3 weeks and let it run for a bit or put a trickle charger on during the cold winter months. Belts will only break if overloaded, be sensible for example if the grass is 6 inches tall after the winter cut it at a high setting and then go over it again at a lower setting. Even small things such as switching the blades on before dropping them into grass can prolong the life of your belts.


Can I finance my ride on?


Yes we offer several options thru PayPal and klarna that you can complete in the comfort of your own home.


I don’t have a trailer.


Thats fine, we deliver your new mower in our own van, and not leave until your satisfied you can drive it and know all the controls. We will also lift your mower for its annual service.


Why Denis Wilson’s of Glenavy?


Check out our reviews we try hard and have many repeat customers. We have been doing this a long time and know our lawnmowers. We are family run and always try to be open honest and fair to deal with. We also provide a second to none back up service with 3 full time staff members in our service department and 3 full time in parts.